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Carp fishing at Evesbatch old lake, Herefordshire. History


In September 2005 we moved to a small village called Evesbatch. The property was in a sorry state, as was the 2 acre lake which was included in the sale. Since then we have improved the lake and it's once again at it's prime. Evesbatch old lake is spring fed from Fromes Hill and was created c.1900.


"Evesbatch Fisheries" consists of two lakes known as Bottom and Top Lake, as can be seen in the picture below. These lakes were built in the 1980's. We only run the "Old Lake". Please try not to confuse them!


evesbatch lakes


Lake areas kindly supplied by Google Earth Pro. The Old Lake is undergoing constant development: please see our photo gallery section for more information and some great images.